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Alibaba listed on the New York Stock Exchange, to determine the issue price of $68
Source:汕尾市快捷通导设备有限公司 | Date:2014-9-19 | Visits:

Phoenix Technology hearing on September 19th message, Alibabaannounced, the group to determine the IPO issue price of $68, at $66 to $68IPO price range. Alibaba in September 19th will be officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, stock code BABA, the listing to raise funds of $21760000000, the highest value of $25020000000.

There was a layer of great significance, Ali will exceed the VISA listing for $19700000000, becoming the American market history's biggest trade sinceIPO. According to the Alibaba group IPO price calculation, the Alibaba will have a market capitalisation of $168000000000, which would make it one ofAmerica market value of one of the highest, it is also more than Amazon's $150000000000.

The prospectus shows, the IPO plans to offer 320000000 shares of USAdepositary shares (ADS), wherein, Alibaba will offer 123076931 shares of ADS;at the same time, including the major shareholder Yahoo! And Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yunhe, executive vice chairman Cai Chongxin, selling shareholders will provide a total of 197029169 strands of ADS. Alibaba group commitment will not receive any income from the sellingshareholders the launch of its ADS deal.

In accordance with the contract, American Yahoo! Will sell Alibaba group total4.9% of the shares, the sale of shares after the completion of USA Yahoo! Will still hold about 16.3% of the shares Alibaba group. And Japan's Softbank willnot sell the shares.

Alibaba group shareholders will be selling 197000000 shares in the IPO.Among them, Alibaba group board chairman Ma Yun will be selling 12750000 shares, accounting for about 0.5% of the total number of shares Alibabagroup; at the same time, Alibaba group board of directors and executive vice president Cai Chongxin will also be selling 4250000 shares.

Since the Alibaba since September 9th started a global roadshow, investorsubscription unpopular, according to sources, the number of shares subscribedfor only 2 days time received has exceeded its issuance scale. The underwriterinformation known, Alibaba only 3 minutes received a $20000000000subscription.

The market is expected to, in this case, Alibaba will start the green shoemechanism, namely the overallotment shares of the 15%, about 48000000 shares. If the listed underwriters exercise their right Alibaba oversubscribed,listing to raise up to $25020000000, the Agricultural Bank in 2010 in Shanghai,Hongkong China beyond dual listed at a record $22100000000 financing scale,a global maximum IPO records.

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