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Hainan braces for Typhoon "Seagull" caused the disaster
Source:汕尾市快捷通导设备有限公司 | Date:2014-9-17 | Visits:

On September 16th at nine forty in the morning, the fifteenth typhoon this year "Seagull" in Wenchang City, Hainan Province, Weng Tian Zhen coastal landing, landed near the center of the largest wind power reached 13 level.May bring for the prevention of typhoon rainfall induced geological disastersin Hainan Province, the office of homeland environmental resources, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau on 15 jointly issued the disaster weather risk early warning, to remind the relevant cities and counties to strengthen the disaster hidden danger patrol monitoring, to ensure public safety of life and property.

According to the Hainan provincial meteorological station early rainfall andthe next 24 hours rainfall forecast data analysis, is expected in the next 24hours, a higher risk of Five Fingers Group, Baoting, Qiong Zhong, Wanning,Lingshui, and south central Bai Sha Changjiang rainfall induced earthquake,as the three level of risk early warning.

Hainan Province, the office of homeland environmental resources in September 15th issued on the emergency notice completes the typhoon"Seagull" may lead to disaster prevention work, requirement each district land resources departments to take measures, to do a good job in disasterprevention work: one is to carry out the rain, rain, rain check investigationinspection, completes the storm may lead to prevention of collapse, landslide and debris flow, burst of the earthquake, especially well hidden points mass observation and prevention, early warning and forecasting work; two is to strengthen emergency duty, timely grasp of the disaster, danger, do daily,quick report and other information submitted to the work; three is to strengthen the mine production safety inspection, the tailings to one by oneinvestigation; the four is to do a good job in the work of the emergency,receiving danger, disaster, to the first time to the scene, do a good job inemergency rescue and disaster relief work guidance, and timely report to theCounty Government and the provincial Office of homeland environmental resources.

Author: Yin Jianjun Wang Erdong

(China land and resources news source)

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